Choose according to your budget, here are tips for choosing an old car

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For some people, old cars have their own charm. That’s why old cars are still in demand by those who want to reminisce about cars from the 90s. However, to own an old car, you need to be careful before buying it. Make sure you check that all components of the car can still function properly, so that later your old car does not go in and out of the garage for service. For those of you who intend to buy an old car, here are some tips on choosing an old car that you can apply.

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Tips for Choosing an Old Car

Here are the tips that you need to do when deciding to buy an old car

1. Choose According to Budget

The first tip in choosing an old car is to adjust your budget. Considering that old cars need extra maintenance, choose an old car with an affordable price to anticipate unexpected costs during the use of an old car.

Not only choosing an affordable price, you also need to check the price of the old car you choose on the market. If you buy an old car from a seller who offers a price below the market, make sure the car is still in good condition.

2. Check the Car Body as a Whole

This tip is important for those of you who choose an old car to take you wherever you go. Choose an old car with a body condition that is still good and smooth. You can ask the seller about the track record of the car. Has it ever been in a collision, accident or crash. It is also important to know whether the car has been modified or any body parts have been replaced.

2. Check the Car’s Legs

The next tip is to check the car’s legs. If you find problems or discomfort in the legs, it is actually normal, considering that old cars are cars that have been around for decades.

You can check whether the legs are problematic or not by doing a test drive on the car. If you hear a strange sound or the car slams hard, it indicates that the car’s legs need rejuvenation.

3. Make sure the engine is functioning properly

Make sure the old car you choose still has a normally functioning engine. You can feel this by starting the car engine.

If when you start the car, you hear a strange sound, then you can check the exhaust, whether it is still normal or not. Also check the exhaust hole with your finger. Make sure the exhaust hole is dry and free of water and oil.

Then also look at the smoke coming out of the exhaust hole, through the exhaust smoke you can find out if there is a problem with the ring seher, cylinder head, or even a leak during the engine combustion process.

Then also visually check the engine for leaks or seepage of engine oil in the upper or lower engine. Also, make sure you have checked all the features in the car, whether they are still functioning properly or not, such as air conditioning, wipers, blowers, and others.

4. Check the Radiator

The next tip when you decide to buy an old car is to check the radiator. Because one of the most common problems experienced by old cars is the radiator that often overheats.

5. Make sure the spare parts are still available in the market

The next thing to consider when choosing an old car is to make sure that the spare parts used by the car are still available in the market. So that if there are parts or components of the car that need to be replaced, you will have no trouble finding them. Because in general, old car parts and accessories are very rare in the market. Meanwhile, old cars themselves usually need to have their parts rejuvenated.

6. Make sure the papers are complete (STNK+BPKB)

The last tip when you choose an old car is to make sure that the documents such as STNK and BPKB for the car are still in place with live taxes.

You also need to check that the engine and frame numbers are the same as those listed on the papers. For cars produced in the 70s, you can check whether there is still a vehicle certificate in the form of a bookpass as a substitute for BPKB, because cars in that era did not have BPKB.

So, those are 6 tips for choosing an old car that you can apply before deciding to buy it. If it turns out that the car you bought needs a lot of repairs on its components, you can take it to a trusted workshop that understands old car maintenance.

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